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49 Chandannagar / India 181 cm 76 kg
LOVE AND BE LOVEDI am a software testing engineer plus fashion designer,non believer in Islamphobia but respect Islams rule,yet I respect woman liberty.I want to relocate in anywhere other than India so came here who will accept me as her gem husband. . I dont like liar,dont believe in lies,if you are a real ,sweatheart lady comes here for finding your 2nd half ,not for game,not for finding business partner for money transferring. I am open minded ,easygoing,real person
findinglove 30/09/2014 19:02
23 Ahmedabad / India 58 kg
finding some1 specialhot looks with grey eyes
vineet 30/09/2014 18:50
43 Delhi / India 154 cm 55 kg
EROTICLIFE is Camera, Capture the good times,Focus on what's important,Develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out take another Shot.............
Ashish Tiwari 30/09/2014 15:48
36 Delhi / India 154 cm 75 kg
I am faithful and honest for friendship and want some like minded friend I wish to be friend of anyone who is educated , polite and faithful as I am for everyone.
christy 30/09/2014 15:33
23 New Delhi / India 178 cm 66 kg
looking for girl friend
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sudip 30/09/2014 14:44
40 Calcutta [Kolka... / India 165 cm 57 kg
love, love and lovei am true lover of beauty and sex
dk67 30/09/2014 14:41
57 Calcutta [Kolka... / India 175 cm 78 kg
love,sex,love,sex,enjoyi am looking for a girl who will love me give sex take care.
mak 30/09/2014 12:25
31 Delhi / India 175 cm 75 kg
I like reading, and travelling
marc 30/09/2014 12:06
50 Thiruvananthapu... / India 167 cm 58 kg
Be cool And ask me M in 50s
nischai 30/09/2014 12:03
19 India 164 cm 64 kg
never comes second just wingood honest trustful want to just chill
Hidaya 30/09/2014 11:50
40 Chennai (Madras... / India 168 cm 68 kg
Simple personSimple person, am safety engineer.
rajesh 30/09/2014 11:16
45 Bangalore / India 146 cm 72 kg
herry 30/09/2014 11:06
23 Jaipur / India 65 kg
follow me ----> @hardesh23
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sumon 30/09/2014 06:35
29 India 160 cm 58 kg
i am a graphics designer and a very simple person. i want to make a good friendship with anybody ..
vikram 30/09/2014 06:17
44 Ajmer / India 178 cm 65 kg
searching a path-breaking soul mate I am unfortunately unemployed and struggling to get myself a job but haven't succeeded thus far. I have not given up trying though but not yielding me any results. I'm good at culinary skills- I can cook vegetarian food very well besides I can handle the household affairs very nicely ranging from chores, buying grocery from the store, dish washing, laundry etc. I am well educated, confident, fun loving, humorous, witty, emotional, honest, down-to-earth, and adaptable. I have a positive attitude towards life, I believe in family and regard it as the most precious set-up which helps us know values and importance of living in cohesion. I'm of those who believe in respecting and following every big or tiny thing which contributes in keeping family united and happy. People close to me feel that I am exceptionally good by nature, kind, jovial and easy-going.
karan kumar 29/09/2014 20:27
37 Delhi / India 180 cm 54 kg
We are born to die and we die to be reborn. This cycle of life will keep on going. We were always there. We will always be there. Even if we die, we will be around each other.I have felt the fragrance of love in your beautiful and pious eyes. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. LOVE is not a word. LOVE is not a sound. It is calmness. It can hear, it can say. It never stops. It never moves. It never keeps still. It is a drop of nectar that has been flowing from centuries. It is only a feeling. Feel it with your soul. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. Honest, simple, down to earth, God fearing. To me honesty is the best policy. I believe in "Don't do anything to anyone you don't want back for yourself. Respect and mutual understanding is of utmost importance for a relationship to flourish. Life is beautiful only if we keep it simple, we think simple. For some people who indulge in wrong doings, life is more than a hell. Life is as simple as ABC but when we start thinking out of the box we make life more complex and troublesome. I believe in the old saying "Trust in God and do the right", rest is assured.
charleschennai 29/09/2014 19:32
49 Abohar / India 173 cm 76 kg
" I NEED YOU ""I'm an Indian Male Physician, LIKE 3 THINGS IN MY LIFE OF THIS WORLD. THOSE ARE Girls; Women; and Ladies. IF YOU ARE ONE AMONG THIS, Don' t be shy to Contact me. Mail to me to-day itself . Let us share our Personal Thoughts and Desires without hesitations CONTACT to this E- Mail : with your Full Resume and recent photos. I'm more interested in a friendship turn in to sex type of relationship. I think to have inside a lot of love to give to a new wonderful woman, but, at the same time, I need to receive the same in return. I hate Hypocrisy and Lies. Let us understand each other well. I’m Vegetarian, Yoga & Massage Therapist, never use Tobacco things and Drinks. " REPLY ASSURED FOR ALL, only for ENGLISH KNOWN PERSONS...!! " No fake people please..!.
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Mukesh 29/09/2014 17:14
35 Bhubaneswar / India 152 cm
girl is a wonderful creation by god please care herTo be honest with you, I'm kind, easy going, down-to-earth, open-minded, loving and caring person. only serious person replay.
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sailfish 29/09/2014 16:02
57 Mangalore / India 165 cm 65 kg
love is lifeI like good music, good food, dancing. I Love The Water,Love To Fish ,Go Boating.I Enjoy Camping There Is Nothing Like Sitting By A Fire, Enjoying The Outdoors ,Long Walks, Holding Hands & Enjoying The Outdoors. I enjoy being with people who laugh and smile have a good sense of humor and who like to have fun. I am self employed secure and independent.
sachin 29/09/2014 10:54
27 Gurgaon / India 167 cm 71 kg
HELLO, cute friends my name is sachin from india near to gurgaon city
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