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jogabin 20/08/2014 07:14
44 Bilaspur / India 180 cm 65 kg
love selflessshly.I m buznessman.dealing in real estate.i m artist.a playwriter.i make short film on social issues.i m romantic.but sincere.
mazhar ali 20/08/2014 07:05
22 Chandigarh / India 158 cm 51 kg
20/08/2014 06:30
29 Asansol / India 157 cm 65 kg
mohammed 20/08/2014 05:47
28 Hyderabad / India 170 cm 56 kg
life is too short to be wastedi am single,never married and i don't have any kid..i enjoy walking along the beach,swimming,travelling and dinning out...i am caring,honest,loving and romantic..i have a good sense of humor and i am down to earth..get in touch and know more about me
tRUE LOVE 20/08/2014 04:46
20 India 78 kg
I know what I am, what I want, what I need, what I have. Im determinated to get my dreams come truth. I know life is hard, but I will never quit, NEVER. I will remark this again and again. If ur not a real american citizen woman, totally free to get married. If you are not able to be a mom anymore or not be open to have a lot of children. If ur not agree and able to travel to come and get married in my place, of course u back US to continue working or do ur business till I'll be legally able to stay together in US or relocate in the best convinient place to our new life. I will never send any money to anybody. So, if you are scammer, dont waste time. Never gona fall. And this other point is important. I will never ask u any money. I just want u to get married not just let u sick and pregnant for a date. Well. I can really do that in our first date, but if thats the case, is because u came to my place to married me, and u are really already decoided and making the movements here in my place for our bride.
amar deepan 20/08/2014 03:20
41 Surat / India 158 cm 55 kg
the true person is invitedhi there i am a human, hard working,loving guy
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vivek 20/08/2014 02:25
19 Kakinada / India 172 cm 62 kg
meet me fuck meim 19 im atheletic brown n horney come get me my no is 9789622511
christy 20/08/2014 00:52
23 New Delhi / India 178 cm 66 kg
looking for girl friend
rajesh 20/08/2014 00:47
45 Bangalore / India 152 cm 72 kg
karan kumar 19/08/2014 23:19
37 Delhi / India 180 cm 54 kg
We are born to die and we die to be reborn. This cycle of life will keep on going. We were always there. We will always be there. Even if we die, we will be around each other.I have felt the fragrance of love in your beautiful and pious eyes. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. LOVE is not a word. LOVE is not a sound. It is calmness. It can hear, it can say. It never stops. It never moves. It never keeps still. It is a drop of nectar that has been flowing from centuries. It is only a feeling. Feel it with your soul. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. Honest, simple, down to earth, God fearing. To me honesty is the best policy. I believe in "Don't do anything to anyone you don't want back for yourself. Respect and mutual understanding is of utmost importance for a relationship to flourish. Life is beautiful only if we keep it simple, we think simple. For some people who indulge in wrong doings, life is more than a hell. Life is as simple as ABC but when we start thinking out of the box we make life more complex and troublesome. I believe in the old saying "Trust in God and do the right", rest is assured.
Nahid 19/08/2014 18:42
32 Delhi / India 158 cm 62 kg
dosi 19/08/2014 17:53
47 Guwahati (Gauha... / India 182 cm 71 kg
all women are welcomei am fun loving person and does have good sense of humor.hate arrogant and lies does have respect for women' like tto date women and make what are you waiting for. more about me tell you later
viin 19/08/2014 17:48
37 Abohar / India 150 cm 57 kg
Live life as it comes.I am very friendly, open minded person. I believe Friendship the most important relationship in life. I like to make friends from all over the World. I am well educated person so seeking the same type of partner for me
kavindra 19/08/2014 17:23
34 Abohar / India 153 cm 50 kg
friendship girls
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49 Chandannagar / India 181 cm 76 kg
LOVE AND BE LOVEDI am a software testing engineer plus fashion designer,non believer in Islamphobia but respect Islams rule,yet I respect woman liberty.I want to relocate in anywhere other than India so came here who will accept me as her gem husband. . I dont like liar,dont believe in lies,if you are a real ,sweatheart lady comes here for finding your 2nd half ,not for game,not for finding business partner for money transferring. I am open minded ,easygoing,real person
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vinu 19/08/2014 16:51
27 Thiruvananthapu... / India 165 cm 67 kg
personne ne me comprend...........if you can ,take me with you , i always be with you (lifetime ) or you can tell me the limit i am alone here , need good heart
vjay 19/08/2014 16:03
21 Abohar / India 173 cm 66 kg
m simple boy,nd m univesity student who lk to sing playin guitar,nd always listening music mostly metal
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sudip 19/08/2014 14:39
40 Calcutta [Kolka... / India 165 cm 57 kg
love, love and lovei am true lover of beauty and sex
Chiranj 19/08/2014 12:06
39 Abohar / India 172 cm 75 kg
Chiranj4U2LI am fine fit and fair.I am very liberal, rational and spiritual but never religious.
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Mukesh 19/08/2014 11:32
35 Bhubaneswar / India 152 cm
girl is a wonderful creation by god please care herTo be honest with you, I'm kind, easy going, down-to-earth, open-minded, loving and caring person. only serious person replay.

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