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karan kumar 01/08/2014 22:19
37 Delhi / India 180 cm 54 kg
We are born to die and we die to be reborn. This cycle of life will keep on going. We were always there. We will always be there. Even if we die, we will be around each other.I have felt the fragrance of love in your beautiful and pious eyes. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. LOVE is not a word. LOVE is not a sound. It is calmness. It can hear, it can say. It never stops. It never moves. It never keeps still. It is a drop of nectar that has been flowing from centuries. It is only a feeling. Feel it with your soul. Let LOVE remain LOVE. Don't give it a name. Honest, simple, down to earth, God fearing. To me honesty is the best policy. I believe in "Don't do anything to anyone you don't want back for yourself. Respect and mutual understanding is of utmost importance for a relationship to flourish. Life is beautiful only if we keep it simple, we think simple. For some people who indulge in wrong doings, life is more than a hell. Life is as simple as ABC but when we start thinking out of the box we make life more complex and troublesome. I believe in the old saying "Trust in God and do the right", rest is assured.
SAMEER DAY 01/08/2014 19:28
46 Siliguri (Shili... / India 181 cm 76 kg
mak 01/08/2014 17:08
31 Delhi / India 158 cm 52 kg
I like reading, dancing
usman sha
01/08/2014 16:31
22 Chennai (Madras... / India 158 cm 50 kg
i m cool and senestive person
Abhijeet 01/08/2014 16:15
39 Calcutta [Kolka... / India
Live Like A God And Act Like A GodI'm a simple and easy guy .I'm a simple man both inside and outside, I'm not handsome not a rich guy ,but easy and friendly ,I believe that everyone is same, live and let live. I love freedom And also love to give freedom to others, My name is Abhijeet , 37, 5ft 10incs, I live in India city Kolkata. Being Indian we believe in one wife or life partner . I'm still single and looking for my dream one. I need one who loves me a lot .I want a life partner who really loves me, teaches me. any caste any religion any looks ,any distance , doesn't matter. I'm a teacher And Financial .Or call me [+91 9330970476 ] Trust me I'm not a Stranger.
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VEE MICHAEL VISHAK 01/08/2014 14:40
55 Bangalore / India 173 cm 105 kg
SINGLE WANTS TO MINGLEAn Indian ,53 years of age with a mind of 25 years- always vibrant and charged up! A Business Consultant by profession. An amateur wildlife photographer and a freelance writer too. Hits the gym thrice a week to keep myself fit. I have uploaded my photos. If this sounds interesting contact me because I am absolutely SINGLE. If you're SINGLE, HONEST AND LOOKING FOR A PARTNER LIKE ME, KNOW ENGLISH AND ABOVE FORTY CONTACT:
mohammed 01/08/2014 13:51
28 Hyderabad / India 170 cm 56 kg
life is too short to be wastedi am single,never married and i don't have any kid..i enjoy walking along the beach,swimming,travelling and dinning out...i am caring,honest,loving and romantic..i have a good sense of humor and i am down to earth..get in touch and know more about me
Amit 01/08/2014 13:25
47 Abohar / India 173 cm 62 kg
REAL MAN LOOKING A REAL LADY.Real man real profile and looking for real one for rest of my life. This is AMIT, Originally from India but now live in Bangladesh, Drug Free, single women man. My DOB is 12/9/1967, Lonely man (having no family background i.e. parents died, no siblings). Running my own small indenting business just for living. I am looking honest, gentle, independent lady for rest of my life and serious here having no interest to earn money or play games. If you are not serious or games mood then please EXCUSE ME. I am serious and will relocate if get genuine partner. I wants to leave this country due to political unrest and communal riots. amitnag447 at y a h o o d o t c o m. NO AFRICAN PLEASE EXCEPT SOUTH AFRICA.
harsha 01/08/2014 13:23
23 Abohar / India 66 kg
"I'm a realist, I'm a romantic, I am indecisive and that's about it."
sujeet kumar 01/08/2014 11:15
42 Patna / India 185 cm 76 kg
Hidaya 01/08/2014 07:49
40 Chennai (Madras... / India 168 cm 68 kg
Simple personSimple person, am safety engineer.
Lucky000 01/08/2014 05:22
28 Bhopal / India 163 cm 56 kg
Waiting for you.....It's me Awesome & smarty guy. I believe in true love and a blind trust.
manoj540 01/08/2014 03:39
34 Malkajgiri / India 158 cm 60 kg
i m cool person
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samar 01/08/2014 02:28
24 Bikaner / India 183 cm 97 kg
simple boy need to talk on various intrested fact.
SIVA RAMA KRISHNA 01/08/2014 02:18
28 Vishakhapatnam / India 162 cm 70 kg
my name is siva from india, andhra pradesh state in visakahapatnam, who can interested pls chat with or skype id is siva_rock731
jogabin 31/07/2014 18:57
44 Bilaspur / India 180 cm 65 kg
love selflessshly.I m buznessman.dealing in real estate.i m artist.a playwriter.i make short film on social issues.i m romantic.but sincere.
vikram 31/07/2014 18:05
44 Ajmer / India 178 cm 65 kg
searching a path-breaking soul mate I am unfortunately unemployed and struggling to get myself a job but haven't succeeded thus far. I have not given up trying though but not yielding me any results. I'm good at culinary skills- I can cook vegetarian food very well besides I can handle the household affairs very nicely ranging from chores, buying grocery from the store, dish washing, laundry etc. I am well educated, confident, fun loving, humorous, witty, emotional, honest, down-to-earth, and adaptable. I have a positive attitude towards life, I believe in family and regard it as the most precious set-up which helps us know values and importance of living in cohesion. I'm of those who believe in respecting and following every big or tiny thing which contributes in keeping family united and happy. People close to me feel that I am exceptionally good by nature, kind, jovial and easy-going.
roxxi 31/07/2014 12:34
27 Ahmedabad / India 178 cm 60 kg
smileTo be honest with you, I'm kind, easy going, down-to-earth, open-minded, loving and caring person.
viin 31/07/2014 03:23
37 India 150 cm 57 kg
Live Life King SizeI am very friendly, open minded person. I believe Friendship the most important relationship in life. I like to make friends from all over the World.
Samir Dutta 31/07/2014 02:36
38 Barrackpur / India 198 cm 64 kg
Long term Serious RelationshipI am a kind , Gentle and sober Man with all good Habits. I like to Travel , look movies, . I like children very much and have full sens of humours.

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