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Elena 31/10/2014 11:15
26 Kyiv / Ukraine
I like meeting new peopleI travel a lot for work and enjoy meeting new people around the globe.
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Алексей 01/11/2014 02:34
22 Slovjansk / Ukraine 178 cm 90 kg
Beauties, if you want email with me, write here n1ggask1f@gmail.com
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Лариса 01/11/2014 00:13
63 Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine 155 cm 71 kg
Мир чудесен,мир прекрасенПривлекательна, с чувством юмора. Педагог, директор школы.
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Irina 01/11/2014 00:04
23 Kharkiv / Ukraine 163 cm 56 kg
Irina 31/10/2014 19:19
44 Zytomyr / Ukraine 160 cm 48 kg
Fenix 31/10/2014 15:58
21 Kharkiv / Ukraine 170 cm 57 kg
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Ira 31/10/2014 10:40
24 Kharkiv / Ukraine 160 cm 52 kg
Ira 31/10/2014 09:42
28 Altevsk / Ukraine 168 cm 54 kg
I wish you all a colorful life)A serious, natural and charismatic. I love my family and I believe in love.
Elena 30/10/2014 20:15
59 Zytomyr / Ukraine 159 cm 50 kg
Honesty and modesty I am a woman of 58 years living in Ukraine. I am single and without children. Very honest, intelligent, friendly, with calm character and kind heart.
serqiykvint 30/10/2014 14:29
42 Vinnytsja / Ukraine 185 cm 96 kg
Oksana 30/10/2014 08:48
31 Donetsk / Ukraine 168 cm 51 kg
Where you my love?..I am usual woman, and I look for real happiness! Want to relocate to another country! I am here to meet good person for life! Better to know each other in personal communication, so I will wait for you writing me :)
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Dima 30/10/2014 00:51
26 Zaporizzja / Ukraine
pavlo 29/10/2014 09:38
29 Ivano-Frankivsk / Ukraine 175 cm 88 kg
секс і тільки секс
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Alla 28/10/2014 16:46
27 Pultava [Poltav... / Ukraine 163 cm 44 kg
My man, I'm hereI am an honest, pretty, interesting, kind, romantic and sensitive lady. I am sincere too. I’m very purposeful and hard-working. I think work is very important for everybody. I am a good friend. I love people around me. I have many friends. I also think I am a good house-keeper. I like to live in cleanness. I can say I love my life even though life is difficult.
Anna 28/10/2014 15:30
29 Kharkiv / Ukraine 164 cm 50 kg
I looking for you!I am kind and sweet. I have many interests. Want to know me more, ask The me.
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Olga 28/10/2014 14:15
34 Lugansk / Ukraine 170 cm 53 kg
Life is all the time a big surprise! Life is all the time a big surprise! Every day brings something new and important in life. There are also bad surprises that make us stronger, the same is with me. I am young and have a wonderful daughter who is the sense of my life, but I wish to have whole family, wish to have a good and caring husband and a good father for my daughter.
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Ekaterina 28/10/2014 06:59
31 Mykolajiv / Ukraine 160 cm 50 kg
Belive in love!I like walking-tours, I adore children and their questions about this world :) I love my family and friends. I am glad when the weather is good and the sun is shining! I like to get a sun-tan therefore I adore summer sunny days. With a great pleasure, I like visiting different kinds of museums, exhibitions, picture galleries, watching good movies and communicating with interesting and intelligent people! I also have a hobby. I love to dance. I attend Oriental dancing and ballroom dancing. Dancing is one of opportunities to express my emotions, feelings and thoughts. And I hope that one day a beautiful dance will unite us and we will feel all the emotions and feelings between us;)
Marina 25/10/2014 11:43
25 Altevsk / Ukraine 182 cm 61 kg
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Valentina 25/10/2014 07:47
32 Kramatorsk / Ukraine 168 cm 50 kg
Where you my love?..effective, sexy and gentle girl...and I look for real happiness! Want to relocate to another country! I am here to meet good person for life! Better to know each other in personal communication, so I will wait for you writing me :-)
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yana 25/10/2014 07:29
26 Kyiv / Ukraine 167 cm 66 kg

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